Intelligent Lighting

Not only is intelligent lighting one of the quickest ways of bringing a home into the 21st century, it’s also one of the most elegant ways. Intelligent lighting is not only practical, but extremely beautiful.

Stylish in appearance and clever in design, Clipsal’s  Saturn switch is beautifully crafted from solid glass, giving it a smooth reflective face and a style all of it’s own. C-Bus automation technology allows Saturn to control any electrical device connected to a C-Bus system. This could include such things as indoor & outdoor lighting, curtains, spa heaters & pumps, home office and boardroom equipment, entertainment systems and even air conditioning and water taps.

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Not only does every light (excluding fluorescent) in your home become dimmable and all your switches very stylish, we can create scenes from the press of one button. For example, imagine going to bed and pressing one button in the bedroom. This will then put your house into ‘night mode’ and turn all your lights off. When any of the kids get up to go to the bathroom, sensors integrated with the alarm will detect the movement and turn on relative lights at only 10 or 20% of their possible brightness – just enough to see where you’re going & what you’re doing. Without touching a singe button they go back to bed and a minute or so later the lights turn off again. How fantastic is that?

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