Home Automation

Since 2001 Audio Visual Technologies P/L, has refined its expertise in integrated security and automation products, providing comfort, convenience, and safety for homeowners.

Our services include home control systems, consoles and touch screens, lighting control switches, software for control of your home control system (including wireless Internet access), a wide range of interfacing devices, and an expanding line of accessories. In short, we can integrate all of your major home services to communicate through a single automation controller.

Imagine being able to distribute music & video throughout your home using you smartphone or tablet.

Imagine having an irrigation system clever enough to know when you’re not home and even if your garden actually needs watering.

Imagine having a security system that knows to turn on specified outdoor lights and random indoor lights when it gets dark and you’re not home.

Imagine being able to leave home and, lock all your doors, close any garage doors, turn off all your lights & any equipment with the press of 1 button from inside your car And then, imagine being able to manage this and more, securely and easily from anywhere in the world.

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